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Welcome To This website is the internet home of VegOut a Cork based vegan catering colective
we do a weekly vegan meal in soladarty books on douglas street every Tuesday from 7 till 9 where
we searve a lovingly prepared vegan meal and ask for a donation of 5euro

I updating the site every week with new recipies. I would like to add 3 new ricipes a week
for a while until I've got most of the ones stuck in my head online. I have broken the site into
sections starting with Soup then salads, mains, Learn to cook, rice and more
For now I will leave some recipes on this front page where I do not have a section compleated yet.

Flaversom Spinach Salad

This is a Vegout regular it is a deeply fleversom rice salad with lots of spinach seeds nuts and a tamari derssing

2 cups brown rice cooked

500 g shreeded washed spinach

200 g sunflower seeds

100 g pupken seeds

100 g Almonds

200 ml Tamari

300 ml Olive oil

4 cloves Garlic

2 thumb sized pecies of Ginger

1. Cook the brown rice and leave to cool

2. Toast the seeds and nuts in the oven at 150C; or in a dry pan while stiring constantly

3. Blend the Olive oil Tamari Garlic and Ginger in a blender

4. Mix the rice and spinach then mix in the seeds, nuts, and dressing

This is a very tasty pouplar salad that is filling and there is never any left overs. Enjoy

Millet Mint and Apple Salad

This is a very nice and healthy salad. I use millet alot because its cheap healthy and gluten free I always use it insted of couscous for those resones and couscous is just processed wheat.

2 cups Millet

4 Apples

Large bunch Mint

200g toasted Almonds

100g toasted sunflower seeds

250g rasins soaked in the apple juice

500ml Apple juice

100ml Olive oil

2tbl Apple Cider Vingner

1. Cook the Millet; Dry roast the Millet in a larde heavy bottemed pan once it has browned and stoped giving off steam add twice as much boiling water by volume. Boil it on full uncoverd for 10 min. Cover and simmer on low heat for 10 min. Leave covered off the heat for 10 min then transfer to a large bowl to cool.

Strain the apple juice out of the rasins and add the rasins to the Millet

2. In a blender blend the Olive oil, Apple juice, Apple cider vineger and mint(If you have a high powderd blender use the stem and leaf other wise just use the leaf)

3. Core the apples and cut into small pices.

4. Mix all the ingredents with the millet and enjoy

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